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Earth Song

Earth Song, 24x30, Acrylic collage with natural materials and gold leaf on cavnas,

Prices upon request.

Gwen Cates will have a solo exhibit, Cosmic Monologues, at Salon @ the Granada on November 9.
Gwen Cates's Cosmic Monologues is an ongoing series of abstract acrylic paintings, often with collage elements. Gwen's goal is to explore deep-seated archetypal images drawn from earlier landscapes, figurative paintings, research and dreams. She paints to transform these concepts through vibrant color and strong compositions to create powerful and imaginative paintings. Surface texture is an important element of the series of these paintings.

Concepts drawn from research into astromomy have led Gwen to explore the idea of exoplanets, which are planets that may support life. This let to the Launch to Planet X Series. Gwen thought about the possibility that life on earth may have been seeded from another planet or that earth might in some way seed life on exoplanets.

Recently, scientists have made exciting discoveries about black holes and the colorful event horizons which surround them. Gwen is currently exploring these concepts with a series of paintings that describe these curious phenomena through abstract images.

Solo Exhibit Announcement

Gwen Cates, a native Virginian, moved in 1999, from Charlottesville, to Santa Ynez Valley, California. She exhibited in Gloria Delson Contemporary Arts and LAAX in Los Angeles, The C Gallery in Los Alamos, California and many other California galleries. In fall of 2015, Gwen Cates returned from CA to Whiskey Ridge Farm near Charlottesville, VA. She finished building her new studio, Whiskey Ridge Studio, in 2016.



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